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Open to all without age limit, from Saturday 07 April.

To live an unforgettable walk by contemplating the Dordogne valley, the Lot from a new angle.

To fly paragliding yourself, in dual commands with your pilot

(if weather conditions allow it safely).

To find an answer to all the questions you ask yourself about the activity.

To check your interest or ability to integrate a paragliding initiation course.

Votre vol avec par petitetortuequiglousse

Takeoff and undershoot

After booking your flight, I ask you to remember the day of the flight,

for confirmation of the place of appointment.

Je vous retrouve, en général à proximité du site de vol, sélectionné par mes soins, en fonction des conditions météo du jour.

After preparation of paragliding, I give you some explanations about,

your behavior during takeoff.

And here you are, in a few steps into the air in absolute silence.Most people are amazed by the ease of the flight in paragliding.

Just before landing, I give you back a few instructions and you're on solid ground,

still amazed to have achieved one of the oldest dream of man .... Flying!

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